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4th May 2024

Design for AM for LPBF technology

11th May 2024

Material and LPBF Process Parameters

18th May 2024


25th May 2024

Looking to make a breakthrough in the world of Additive Manufacturing?

If you're eager to understand Additive Manufacturing to advance your career or drive its adoption within your organization, this course is designed just for you.

Our course simplifies the AM technology landscape and familiarizes you with diverse design methodologies to spark creativity. Here you can get an understanding on material & complex parameters and printed part's performance, setting a strong base. Also,  you will have an in-depth view on the process of discovering the right AM applications and components, as it is the key for a successful journey.

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30 April, 2024

Anyone who wants to learn, research, apply and implement AM in academia or industry.

AM Fundamentals

The module is designed to demystify the AM technology landscape. 

The maturity level and adoption of AM will be showcased with industry relevant case studies.

Get familiar with the market scenario before wrapping up the session by giving glimpses of the AM workflow.

Design for AM for LPBF technology

Draw inspiration from the various design methodologies available for exploration.

Followed by understanding the DfAM guidelines for the most popular AM technology - LBPF. This will provide a solid base to design parts for many other technologies. 

AM software will be used to experientially learn. 

An invited guest speaker will address the topic of build simulation which is an integral part of DfAM.

Material and LPBF Process Parameters

Understanding the metal powder and printed part's performance is the focus of the session initially.

Explore the print parameters, and their effect on the printed part with the aid of AM software. 

With the background on materials and print parameters, understand how new parameters are developed!

Part Identification

A successful AM journey is a consequence of discovering the right applications and components for AM. 

There are several technical aspects that one needs to consider while identifying parts, like manufacturing feasibility, material, dimensional tolerance, surface finish, design feasibility and many more. 

In the session learn how the costing for AM parts works, hence to be able to make the right choice the first time!.

Common to all Modules:

A facility tour in included for all those who choose to attend the course from WIPRO 3D. 

Limited seats!!
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Feedback from Previous Participants


"Good experience, and very informative. Explained very well by the Wipro 3D Team. Overall, I am very satisfied with this AM Foundation Course. Thank you for this opportunity given by Wipro 3D. Looking for further interactive courses which will be beneficial for us. Thank you once again."

Vikram Sake,
Aarka Laser Technologies

"Thank you so much for a wonderful session of metal and polymer AM. Looking forward to the next session in November month."

T Jain Job

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Wipro 3D's addwize goes beyond advice, actively partnering with organizations and academia to implement the technology. It's not just about sharing information, but about collaborating closely to exchange knowledge, expertise, and skills.

For businesses, addwize also offers a unique blend of technical, commercial & market insights that allows you to ramp up your commitment and investments at the right speed and time.

For academia, it equips students and faculties with essential AM technology, operational knowledge, and project management skills.

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